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Cherries in Moscato 570g

This age-old preparation, once widespread especially in the regions where cherries are cultivated, has long been forgotten, yet it is truly exquisite: an authentic, precious, and irresistible delight that is a must-have in your pantry. he cherries must be harvested at the right moment, firm, ripe, and perfectly healthy. After being thoroughly washed, they are jarred. The natural sugars in the fruit, along with a bit of added cane sugar and wine, undergo fermentative processes that preserve the fruit in the liquid that forms, allowing you to enjoy them at any time of the year. Cherries in wine are delightful on their own, perfect after dinner, or can be used as a versatile ingredient for making chocolates, cakes, spoon desserts, or to enhance a good bowl of ice cream.

Madernassa Pears 570g

Madernassa is a pear variety native to the Piedmont region, specifically in the Roero area. It is in this very land that the mother plant grew, originating in the late 1700s on the Cascina Gavello estate and living for an impressive 130 years until it was felled in 1914. Common belief holds that Madernassa resulted from a natural cross between the Martin Sec cultivar and wild pears. Like many indigenous species, it remained largely unknown for a long time, with local farmers appreciating its crispness and the aromatic enhancement it gained through cooking, whether in wine or in the oven. Thanks to its crispness, this hand-cut pear, preserved in water and cane sugar without the addition of preservatives, lends itself to many uses and recipes: sliced thinly to accompany cheeses with fresh herbs and honey, suitable for preparing delicious risottos or various versions of cake, or simply cooked in a good red wine for a delightful dessert.

Williams Pears 570g / 1050g

This is an ancient variety of English origin, selected in the late 1700s and widely cultivated in Italy, primarily in the Po Valley. Extremely fresh and juicy, with its firm and compact flesh, it's the perfect pear for syrup. Cut into pieces while preserving the skin, it isn't cooked to retain its nutritional characteristics; instead, it's preserved in water and a small amount of cane sugar, without the addition of colorings or preservatives. It can be served to accompany aged cheeses with a strong taste, such as Parmesan or Pecorino. It pairs excellently with porridge or ice cream, and it's great for baking desserts. For a quick dessert, slice the pears, brush with a little apricot jam, sprinkle with cinnamon, and microwave for a few minutes.